Cooperate to educate on nature conservation

Although nature conservation organisations all strive for a similar goal, most of them mind their own business. However, performing training sessions and hosting seminars is definitely something where these organisations should and could work together. We have noticed parallels across different continents, which can provide a solid basis. A very good example is the partnership between the European Wilderness Society and broad consortium of partners (government, communities, academic and non-profit sector) preparing INTERREG calls for some fantastic ideas. Another excellent example is a partnership between the Center for Protected Area Management at Colorado State University and U.S. Forest Service Office of International Programs. The specific outcomes of these partnerships will be visible either here in Europe or in Colorado very soon.

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Mobile Seminar on Tourism in Protected Areas

The Center for Protected Area Management at Colorado State University, together with the U.S. Forest Service Office of International Programs, just announce short online courses on protected area management and sustainable tourism in Colorado, U.S.A. for 2018.

They are accepting applications online for the XXVIIIth International Course on Management of Protected Areas (given in Spanish) to be held from July 3rd to August 4th this year. The second seminar, the VIth Planning and Managing Tourism in Protected Areas Mobile Seminar (given in English), will be carried out from September 6th to 22nd, 2018.

Get your hands dirty in the field

The Mobile Seminar on Planning and Managing Tourism in Protected Areas is an intensive training event. It is 2.5-week training event for professionals that globally promote sustainable tourism and outdoor recreation in protected areas. The training event is given in partnership with the US Forest Service International Programs. Seminar themes include planning and zoning for public use and tourism in protected areas. Other topics are legal, financial and policy frameworks, institutional arrangements and governance including public-private partnerships, interpretation and environmental education, and tourism infrastructure.

The seminar travels through Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota. In this trip, participants visit national parks, forests, monuments, state and local parks, a guest ranch, and a tribal reserve. The seminar visits Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Badlands and Rocky Mountain national parks, Black Hills National Forest; Devils Tower National Monument and Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Cost excluding airfare and visas is $5,395. Deadline to apply is May 11, 2018. Find more information here.

European Wilderness Society visits United States soon

International cooperation is a key feature within the European Wilderness Society. And although the name might suggest otherwise, we also operate outside of Europe. Last summer, US Wilderness veteran Garry Oye visited us in Austria, to boost our transcontinental cooperations. As a result, our colleague Verena will depart shortly on a 2-month trip to the States to head our international exchange programme and more.

She will be meeting with the WILD Foundation in Boulder, the Society for Wilderness Stewardship, the Aldo Leopold Research Institute, Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, the National Park Service, the Wilderness Institute of the University of Montana, John Hausdoerffer of the Western State Colorado University, the Friends of Bitterroot, the Harper Ferry Institute and more.

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