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Erasmus+ Youth Green Conference 2021 project kicked-off!

Our next Erasmus+ youth education project has had a great virtual kick-off meeting. The European Wilderness Society met with its partners Dominicus-von-Linprun-Gymnasium Viechtach (Germany), Eliante Onlus (Italy), Zavod Revivo (Slovenia), and NGO Forza (Ukraine). During the kick-off meeting we discussed practical details and planning of the Youth Green Conference, scheduled for autumn 2021. In this Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project, there will be 60 youngsters from Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Ukraine participating. All partners are looking forward to turn this project into a great success together!

International cooperation for climate, sustainability and biodiversity

The Youth Green Conference 2021 project will consist of a 5-day conference that will take place in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Lungau. During these five days, the youngsters will participate in a wide range of non-formal and informal educational activities. Here, we will be discussing together topics such as sustainability, climate change and other environmental issues. In this project, it is expected that the young participants will increase their awareness on the importance of sustainable activities, and ways to do so.

During the project, youngsters will explore ways to become actively involved in their local society to help mitigate climate change. Furthermore, they will learn more about the European Youth Goals, and develop together a Youth Charter for the Environment. The international character will also invite the youngsters to practice speaking a foreign language and foster solidarity and respectful understanding towards fellow youngsters from different countries.

To get an impression of the Youth Green Conference 2019, have a look at the pictures below!

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