First multilingual Alpine Livestock Protection and Press Conference

Implementing effective livestock protection measures is key to reduce conflicts between humans and large carnivores. Large carnivores like the wolf have returned to many regions in Europe due to increased conservation efforts. Therefore, it is time for local livestock farmers to learn and adapt to the situation by enhancing livestock protection efforts. The LIFEstockProtect project aims to support livestock farmers in the German-speaking region of the Alps to do exactly that. Are you also interested to learn more about livestock protection and the LIFEstockProtect project? On the 26th of January 2021, the European Wilderness Society will hold, together with the other project partners, the first multilingual Alpine Livestock Protection and Press Conference.

We invite you to participate

After a successful start of the project in September 2020, it is now time to invite all interested individuals to a public conference. Just like the project itself, the first multilingual Alpine Livestock Protection Conference will have a very practical focus. For example, livestock farmers from Austria, Bavaria and South Tyrol and livestock protection experts will share their experiences with us. Also, they will answer questions from the audience. This will be followed by a second event, the Press Conference, where these experts will answer all pending questions from the media.

By splitting this conference in two parts, we will make sure that the interests of each individual are met. No matter if you are for example a farmer, a researcher, or a journalist. Also, we want everybody, no matter if you speak German, Italian, or English to be able to participate in this event. Thus, we will offer simultaneous translations to English, Italian, and German. Like this, we will be able to welcome local, regional, and international audience!

Details of the Alpine Livestock Protection Conference

The Alpine Livestock Protection Conference took place on the 26th of January 2021 from 09:00 to 13.00 (CET).

Read more about the conference here: 500+ attendees at Livestock Protection Conference

Several livestock farmers will share their past and current experiences and stories with us. You will learn from Italian livestock owners about their experience working together with volunteers to protect their livestock as part of the Pasturs project. From Bavaria you will hear a personal account of a long term official from the Bavarian sheep association on the challenges of introducing livestock measures. And in addition, from Austria you will hear from local sheep owners concerning livestock protection in the Alps. Combined with the participation of livestock protection experts from Austria, Bavaria, and South Tyrol, we will make sure to provide valuable answers to the most pending questions of the audience.

What you need to know:

  • The conference is free but requires registration.
  • It will be hosted via ZOOM which does not need any installation.
  • The conference will feature simultaneous translation into Italian, German and English.
  • There will be time to ask each presenter questions in either Italian, English or German.

Details of the LIFEstockProtect Press Conference

The LIFEstockProtect Press Conference will take place on 26th of January 2021 from 14.00 to 15.00 (CET).

During the conference, livestock protection experts will share their knowledge and answer all burning questions from the media concerning the largest livestock protection project in the German speaking Alps, co-funded by the European Union. In order to take into account the diversity of our project region (Austria, Bavaria and South Tyrol) and also to receive international press, experts from all 3 countries will be present to answer questions in German, Italian and English with simultaneous translation. At the end of the conference, the experts will address country-specific questions in 3 different breakout rooms so that journalists can ask region specific questions in their mother language. One representative of all project partners will be present and the 3 different LIFEstockProtect regions will be represented by:

For more information and registration to the Press Conference visit the LIFEstockProtect website.

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