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European Youth Week 2024

Every two years, and once again this year, the European Commission organises the European Youth Week. It is a week that promotes the engagement of young people and lets them voice their opinion.

The European Youth Week takes place from 12th to 19th of April 2024, just a few months before the European elections. Various activities, events and discussions will be held during the week where everyone interested can take part. The week also presents opportunities to learn more about the policies of the European Union.

Of course, the European elections and democracy in Europe will be the main focus of the Youth Week this year. The debates and events organised also aim to get the European youth more engaged in politics and in the election process. This is of course important for the future of the European Union. Everyone should make use of their right to voice their opinions and choose their representatives.

Moreover, during the European Youth Week, interested youth will also be able to learn about opportunities and offers from the EU, such as projects from Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps. These projects offer youth the possibility to join exchange programmes all over Europe, collect experiences as volunteer in various European companies and get to know different parts of Europe. The EU supports young people with such projects and wants to promote mobility.

All in all, the European Youth Week offers a great possibility to get to know the European Union better, to join debates and events, and voice your opinion!
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