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Final events of the project “Clean up Synevyr, Ukraine”

The project “Clean up Synevyr National Nature Park, Ukraine” is reaching its final phase. Together with our local partners, we have implemented already a lot of activities as part of this project. Furthermore, our achievements also inspire and create new perspectives for already existing initiatives. This project is co-funded by the European Outdoor Conservation Association.

The 30th of October was very fruitful day! Because during this day the project partners:

  • organized one more educational-environmental clean up activity
  • launched campaign “Bring plastic –take free entry ticket
  • conducted project final partner meeting.

Second Synevyr clean up activity

Following the first clean up activity earlier this year, the European Wilderness Society and project partners organised a second one in October. This time the project partners invited the group of youngster from the local village of Nehrovets to support the clean up. Besides the actual cleaning of the Tereblya river banks close to the Rabachinka recreational base, environmental education activities were conducted for active youngsters.

Thus and so, the patriotically-inspired boys and girls learned about a variety of topics, such as:

And what is also very important to mention, is that the youngsters established a good cooperation with the park employees of Synevyr National Nature Park and agreed to continue cooperating in the future on similar activities!

Bring plastic-take free entry ticket

The campaign “Bring plastic-take free entry ticket” was also launched on 30th of October by the Park. Those visitors who bring back the plastic, glass or even, jars, they had with them during their trip to the park, will get a free entry ticket to one of the most amazing locations in the Park. To improve the waste management situation and to teach visitors how to behave responsibly towards nature, the project partners have also installed four containers for separated waste collection. Those containers were produced as part of the project to ensure its sustainability beyond the project duration and will enhance improvement of the waste management in the area.

If you are interested to participate in the “Bring plastic –take ticket” campaign, you are invited to visit Synevyr National Nature Park. However, please respect all travel restrictions. The campaign will last for approximately two months or comes to an end once the free-entry ticket have expired. The management of Synevyr National Nature Park finds this campaign very interesting and useful. They are therefore planning to continue with it further on in the coming years as well.

The idea of such activities is really great! I hope, we will have more such environmental education activities! And soon behaviour of local population and tourists will change!

Ivan Tymofeiev
project coordinator of NABU International, NNP “Synevyr” FB page follower

Project final meeting

In order to wrap up the project implementation and prepare the final reporting, the partners conducted final meeting. The meeting included:

  • visit to all 4 places of separated waste containers and places of big and smaller educational signs instalment
  • review of the financial documents
  • discussion on implementation of the campaign “Bring plastic-take free entry ticket”
  • review of the tourism, education and waste management proposals, developed earlier in the project framework.

Now the project has successfully been concluded!

Further plans

The park territory and particularly Tereblya river valley are still suffering from waste contamination, even during this pandemic. Therefore further implementation of similar initiatives, such as this project, are of high demand. The separated waste selection as part of this project will be further maintained by the local partners in cooperation with a local specialised business.

Recently issued instructions of the President of Ukraine to organize tourism in protected areas in Ukraine are also including waste management issues. Therefore such practical cases are important to consider. Furthermore, education on the Respect Nature initiative and Ranger Trainings will continue in Ukraine. The European Wilderness Society is looking forward to sharing its practical experiences on how to tackle waste challenges and tourism management in protected areas with those who are interested.

Thank you again to all volunteers, youngsters, rangers, partners, and the European Outdoor Conservation Association for making this project possible!

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