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Help Europe stay Wild

We need your help. Wilderness is being destroyed all over Europe by destructive acts such as deforestation, construction work and urbanisation. Now more than ever Wilderness needs our help. It’s time we stand up and fight for what’s important.

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Our fundraiser

We have set an ambitious goal to raise €5000. We will use this money to create educational material for children in the Carpathian countries. Our children are our future, and we will use these materials to inspire them to protect and advocate for Wilderness.

With €5000 we can create multi-lingual education materials, such as a new magazine like our WILD4 (German version here) and WILD5 (Ukrainian version here). We will be able to create a new magazine with more up to date information, and in more languages, so that we can reach more children. We will also be able travel to schools in the Carpathians, sharing these important materials and inspiring our children to stand up and fight for their Wilderness.

The European Wilderness Society has already visited many schools in Ukraine, for example, and continues to work hard advocating for Wilderness and its wildlife. We have a large carnivore exhibition in English, German and Ukrainian that travels, but we have to do more now. We are still losing Wilderness every day.

How can I help?

Your donation will help us to create educational material for children who need them, inspire the next generation, and protect Wilderness in Europe. 

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Our Education Projects

Educating children all across Europe is important to the European Wilderness Society, and since the beginning we have been visiting schools and running workshops about Wilderness, wildlife, climate change and working in nature conservation. So far we have visited over 60 schools in Austria and Germany alone, and also many schools in Ukraine.

Our project ‘Let’s get Wild’ led us to visit 33 schools in Austria and reach over 1000 children. We were able to take over 100 children to Wilderness camps in Kalkalpen National Park over summer 2018, where they experienced Wilderness first hand.

Thank you for the great journal for kids. The idea to acquaint children with representatives of European fauna is a hot topic. Topics are developed well, good design, information is provided attractively and corresponds to the age of the target audience.

Science educator, Kiev Zoo, Ukraine

We will continue to visit schools and inspire children to explore and protect Wilderness. But we want to do more for Europe. Your donation will let us reach more children, create more education materials, and support a wild future for Europe.

We thank you for your support, and you can donate here. Let’s get Wild!

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