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Support livestock protection in the Alps!

The natural return of large predators to the Alpine region is putting many livestock farmers under pressure. In response to this, for the first time ever, a coalition of the biggest agricultural farming associations in Austria, Italy and Germany, are now working on a EU funded LIFE project to address this challenge. The associations are supported by the academic sector, environmental organisations, as well as livestock protection and tourism experts in the Alps.

Alpine LIFEstockProtect project

The project LIFEstockProtect brings together under the lead of agricultural organisations Austrian, Bavarian and South Tyrolean livestock owners, herd protection experts, scientists, nature conservationists and other stakeholders. The main goal is to train and educate farmers to implement livestock protection measures, as a way to actively support human-livestock-wildlife coexistence. It will focus on the predominately German-speaking Alpine region.

LIFEstockProtect has the following objectives:

  • Train livestock owners in livestock protection
  • Train livestock protection consultation experts
  • Support and/or set up livestock protection competence centres
  • Increase acceptance for implementation of livestock protection at local level
  • Educate and raise awareness about livestock protection among farmers, experts, youth and general public
  • Improve professional and public support to promote coexistence with wildlife

LIFEstockProtect aims to:

  • Increase the number of areas, where livestock protection is implemented effectively
  • Increase the knowledge on livestock protection among livestock owners
  • Decrease the human-livestock-wildlife conflict within the Alpine target regions

How can you help?

For the final evaluation, it is important to demonstrate the national and international support for this project. You can represent an important stakeholder organisation, business, or private individual; all Declarations of Support will help!

If you/your organisation supports his project idea, please download the Declaration of Support below, fill it out completely and simply send us a scan back. There are no obligations connecting to signing the Declaration of Support. Please share this file also with your network.

All signed Declarations of Support can be submitted until January 31st, and are highly appreciated. On behalf of all the partners, thank you!

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