International Course on Wetland Restoration

Thanks to the successes in fighting Covid-19 across Europe, physical events with international participants are going to happen in a few months again. Hence, we are happy to share that the second International Course on Wetland Restoration will take place in the Czech Republic in October 2020.

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This course is organized by the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, Czech Ramsar Committee and Carpathian Wetland Initiative. The 5-day programme will take place in the Czech Republic in Krušné hory Mountains, Slavkovský les Forest Protected landscape Area (PLS) and Šumava National Park (NP). It is targeted to experts, scientists, biologists, project managers, project designers, technicians, farmers, employees who are involved in wetland, especially peatland, restoration, as well as to the personnel employed in state administration responsible for protection of nature, environment and sustainable use of natural resources associated with wetlands and shallow water bodies, and other relevant stakeholders. About 16 representatives of the target group from Carpathian countries will be able to participate in the course, will be held in English.

After last year´s very useful and successful International course on sustainable agriculture in wetlands, now we hope that unlocking in anti-COVID-19 measures in many countries will allow us to organize a new edition in the planned series of the international wetland courses.

Ján Kadlečík
Coordinator at Carpathian Wetland Initiative

If you are interested in the International Course on Wetland Restoration and fit the description, please head to the website of the Carpathian Wetland Initiative to find more information and the application documents!

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