Respect nature and nature interpretation Advanced training courses for Ukraine!

Respect nature concept, developed by the European Wilderness Society, becoming more and more popular in Europe. Ukraine, despite many challenges still strongly cares about its environment and is eager to implement Respect Nature more widely.

To support Ukrainian environmental educators, three-day online Advanced training courses were conducted from 18th till 20th of January, 2023. European Wilderness Society provided technical and methodological support to the courses, led by the Ukrainian State Ecological Academy of Postgraduate and Management and particularly by its associate professor, Nataliia Gudkova.

Training Courses are the part of the project “Respect nature: learn and teach” of the Green Partnership Program. This programme is implemented by the Charitable Foundation “Center for Community Initiatives” with the financial support of the US Forest Service.

Day1. Respect nature introduction and WISDOM

First session of the online Advanced training courses was dedicated to the Respect nature principals, educational materials and activities. During the training European Wilderness Society shared its environmental education experience, presented implemented projects.

Moreover, US WISDOM concept for effective rangers communication was presented to the participants.

Beside presentations, participants were involved into the interactive activities and exercises. Furthermore, the need in effective and regular Ukrainian Ranger Educational programme was highlighted by participants

Day 2. Nature interpretation. Junior rangers. War and Environment

The second day of online training courses was dedicated to the nature interpretation and its application in implementation of the Respect nature concept and beyond. This also included presentation about recent Respect Nature outdoor training for Ivano-Frankivsk young eco-leaders.

Additional bonus for participants was Interpretation and ecotourism projects experience presentation from the Center for Protected Area Management of the Colorado State University, USA.

In addition, participants learned how Junior forest rangers protect nature in Ukraine. Participants also got acquainted with the Panda’s green journey for Ukrainian kids, as well as reviewed and discussed a very sensitive interactive exercise “Environment and war”

Day 3. Respect nature at the Carpathian biosphere reserve and more

The third day of online training courses was dedicated to the implementation of the Respect Nature at the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, Ukrainian partner of the European Wilderness Network. Head of the environmental education of the Reserve, presented already existing Respect nature educational experience as well as upcoming Respect Nature interpretation trail and excursion for Junior Rangers.

Besides, environmental education of the National Nature Park “Podilski Tovtry” as well as Zero Waste School experience in Kherson and Transcarpathia regions of Ukraine were suggested to the audience.

Positive feedback

All the participants provided positive feedback regarding the training courses.

As many of them heard about the Respect Nature for the first time, they expressed an interest to continue with such trainings, particularly on site.

Moreover, participants we grateful for such an opportunity to exchange experience, gain new skills, cooperation as well as renew resources and got good mood.

Certification and bonus

All participants, who joint online training courses and passed the tests, will receive Certificates from the Ukrainian State Ecological Academy of Postgraduate and Management and as a bonus, Respect Nature brochure in Ukrainian and English from European Wilderness Society

We love Ukraine, its nature and people, especially dedicated partners of the European Wilderness Network. And we are very glad that it dedicated environmental educators continuing learning and implementing Respect Nature concept. This is not the first environmental education training, supported by our organization and we plan to continue. We wish a Glory and Peace to this incredible country!

Max A.E. Rossberg
Chairman of the European Wilderness Society

Presentations and recording

Training presentations and recording can be downloaded from Wilderness Academy website: here

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