Introducing the WildArtists: Ruslan Gleb

In early August a group of 10 international artists will hike into the Ukrainian Wilderness. Right in the middle of National Nature Park Synevyr will be a WildArt Plein Air event. The WildArt Plein Air event is part of a project Areas of Inspiration, funded by the Creative Europe programme. In this post we welcome Ruslan Gleb, Ukrainian painter.

A scientific impressionist

Ruslan Gleb is a Ukrainian impressionist and painter, but also works as scientific specialist in the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve. The Carpathian Biosphere Reserve includes several partners of the European Wilderness Network, such as Kuziy-Trybushany WILDForest and Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh Wilderness. The area preserves the largest unique old-growth beech forest of Europe and the natural state of the Carpathian mountain landscapes. The artists will also find old-growth beech forests in Synevyr Wilderness, where the WildArt Plein Air event will take place. Ruslan Gleb’s work often displays the serenity of the Carpathian Mountains.

WILDArt Artists Areas of Inspiration-16414 © Copyright
WILDArt By Ruslan Gleb

Ruslan was also the local guide during the field work of the Wilderness Audit of Uholka and Shyrolyy Luh Wilderness. Also he provided input to the Audit’s descriptive and cartographic data. He strongly supports the European Wilderness approach and received a certificate for being a Wilderness Advocate.

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