Invitation to educational training-presentation

Our Project “Don´t change climate –educate youth” has entered its completion stage and preparation for its final event – training-presentation. Therefore we are glad to invite Ukrainian ecological educators to this event, where:

  •  project outputs will be presented
  • training on how to apply developed in the framework of the project educational material will be conducted
  • educational excursion to the Huk waterfall, created after the flood, and on the trail to which special educational signs installed, will take place.

Developed in the framework of the project educational materials include:

  • training module and manual on climate change causes and impacts, anthropogenic changes in the Carpathian national nature park, energy consumption, waste management, ecotourism development in protected areas, volunteering and European Wilderness Network.
  • Journal “Wild 5” includes info on climate change, its connection with Wilderness, European Wilderness Network and Ukrainian Wilderness, green corridors, Wilderness inhabitants, human co-existence, volunteering etc.
  • table game “Travel through Carpathian National Nature Park”

While implementing this project European Wilderness Society had accumulated a lot of wonderful and efficient ecological and Wilderness educational ideas to be implemented in and together with protected areas.

Note:  Project “Don´t change climate- educate youth” is funded by the Embassy of Australia in Ukraine through the Direct Aid Program.

Don’t change climate – educate youth project started

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