Königsbrücker Heide Wilderness – New Publication!

We have a new Wilderness Brief available for Königsbrücker Heide Wilderness, a silver-quality Wilderness in Germany. The Wilderness is part of the protected area Naturschutzgebiete Königsbrücker Heide, and was previously a military training ground. We are publishing new Wilderness Briefs every week on our website, which cover all the European Wilderness Network. For example you can also read about Wilderness from the Mediterranean to the Carpathian Mountains, from Georgia to the Arctic Circle. Check back every week for future documents!

You can read about the biodiversity and tourism opportunities in the Brief below. Königsbrücker Heide, despite its military history, is an area with rich natural beauty and high biodiversity. Photographer Henk Kuipers, one of the wild artists on our WILDArt adventure from Ukraine 2018, has been inspired by the landscape and captured many images of his impressions of the Wilderness.

You can download and read the Brief below:

Königsbrücker Heide Wilderness Brief

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