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New Horizon 2020 project opportunity on forest fires

The European Wilderness Society is currently putting together an exciting proposal for the Horizon 2020 call “Forest Fires risk reduction: towards an integrated fire management approach in the E.U.” (LC-CLA-15-2020). The project focuses on research and innovation on this topic; therefore, we are especially looking for forest fires experts at various research institutions and universities. The project will last five years, and the total budget will be around €10 million. We are working closely with the HNE Eberswalde on this project proposal.

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The main focus on the project is to obtain a holistic view on the future fire regimes in Europe, taking into account both physical factors, such as climate change, as well as social factors, such as fire management. To build capacities for building resilience and adaptation to fire regime changes, research will also focus on the effects of various fire management strategies on biodiversity, socio-economic systems and fire regimes. In addition, the findings of this research will be directly fed into forest fire policy and there will be outreach to local communities to equip them with knowledge on forest fires. The focal area of this project is Central Europe, but we also welcome cooperation with research institutions outside this region with expertise on forest fires.

Interested to become a partner?

The Horizon2020 call of 2019-2020 is closed, but we are always open to discuss opportunities for collaboration. Are you working for an institutions with expertise on forest fires and their management, interested to work on a project together, let us know! In particular, we would are looking for organisations that have experience on any of the following:

  • (fire risk) modelling
  • fire-related hazards
  • fire management strategies
  • socio-economic effects of fire management (reducing fire-caused damage)
  • climate change in Central Europe
  • creation of fire-resilient forests

In addition, we are also looking for local or regional authorities in Central Europe that are interested in improving their fire policy.

If you are interested in participating in this innovative project, even if your area of expertise does not exactly match with the above, please contact us via the form below.

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