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Newest member to European Wilderness Network – Velino Wilderness, Italy

In September 2018, European Wilderness Society visited Sirente-Velino Regional Park, and conducted a pre-audit of an area with Wilderness potential. We are now releasing a Wilderness Brief about this area – Velino Wilderness Candidate. This Brief is a short report about the specific area in Sirente-Velino Regional Park, which has Wilderness potential. After a full-audit in the future, this area will become a member of the European Wilderness Network.

Turbulent Past

The area includes the northern slopes of Colli dell Orso, Capo di Pezzo and upper part of watershed of Vallone di Teve. In the past, the Velino massif was intensively used by humans for forestry, hunting and agriculture, which led to the destruction of large areas of forest, particularly the rare mugo pine tree. Around 40 years ago, this intensive land-use stopped, and since then Sirente-Velino Regional Park has focused on natural restoration of the area.

Velino Characteristics

The Velino Wilderness area is contributing to the conservation of native biodiversity, including alpine and subalpine calcareous grasslands, deep canyons, large mammals (chamois, wolf, marsican bear), and many rare (Gentiana lutea) and endemic plants species. The area contains examples of ecosystems in a process of natural restoration. 

More information about Velino Wilderness Candidate can be found in the Wilderness Brief, which you can read and download below:

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