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International Wildlife Film Festival Green Screen 2017

From September 13th until 17th, the International Wildlife Film Festival Green Screen takes place in Eckernförde, Germany. Our Wilderness- and Wolf-specialist Gudrun Pfüger has been invited to join, on behalf of the European Wilderness Society.

The Green Screen festival is organised for the 21st time. The festival has grown to become the largest wildlife film festival in Germany, since it first started in 2007. Last year, 18 000 visitors saw nearly 100 nature-related movies. This year the program holds even more than 120 movies. Green Screen became an international meeting for filmmakers and film-lovers. Multiple premieres will take place at the festival, as well as the Green Screen award ceremony. Youth education is an important aspect of Green Screen. It supports young people by inviting over 3000 students to the festival over the past years.

GREEN SCREEN has realised that the conservation of species in a healthy environment can only succeed if young people not only see the beauty of nature but also understand its growing endangerment.

Two international wolf films

Among the 120+ films, there are two films in particular, for which the organisation invited Gudrun. She will introduce and talk about the following two wolf-films.

WOLF – (52 min. 2016)

This Turkish documentary from Ece Soydam highlights how wolves have been an important part of the Turkish wildlife for thousands of years. With the expansion of human settlements, their habitats are diminishing. The documentary is the one-year story of how wolves are trying to live in this changing environment.

FAMILY WOLF – (45 min. 2017)

This German film from Herbert Ostwald and Sebastian Koerner focusses on the wolf as potential dangerous neighbours. Wolves are spreading in Germany. Some lost their shyness and anxieties arise. A ‘problem wolf’ was shot in lower Saxony. The film monitored a wolf family for several years in the wild to address the question: why do wolves behave so differently?

Interestingly, with the wolf packs in Germany and currently also in Denmark, the province Schleswig-Holstein, where Green Screen takes place, is also on the route for wolves from Germany to Denmark.

Besides wolves, other interesting topics like the Lynx, herding, and many more are shown on the big screen. Tickets are still available on their website.

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