Open House at Synevyr National Nature Park

Do you want visit the largest lake in the Carpathian mountains of Ukraine, brown bear sanctuary, ecological or touristic trails to old-growth forest, peat bog or other interesting places and itineraries of the National Nature Park “Synevyr”, member of the European Wilderness Network?

If so, you are welcome all year long, but the special programme and Open House Day will welcome you on the 7th  of July, this year!

UNESCO World Heritage

Part of the National Nature Park “Synevyr” is also included into the UNESCO World Natural Heritage  site“Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe” and contains four massifs of primeval beech forests, so unique and rare nowadays.

Wild lake

The Wild lake, located on the North-East slope of the mountain Gropa, surrounded by deep spruce and beech forest, is also another special place of the National Park. Lakes area is about 1 ha, its depth is 10 m. There is the unique island in the lake, which is never covered by water. The Wild lake can become an etalon of the transformation of the lake into the high bog, where rare and valuable species are growing.

Wild Art Plein Air

Existence of such fascinating nature and Wilderness motivated partners (European Wilderness Society and NNP “Synevyr”) deepen their cooperation also in culture and art sphere. In such a way, as a part of  Areas of Inspiration  number of artists of different domain and European countries will arrive in August to Synevy to take part in the very first Wild Art Plein Air event.

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Special offer

On the 7th of July NNP “Synevyr” Open House will offer free of charge excursions and handouts, as well as presentations and video at the Park´s visitor center. A range of local special dishes will be proposed for visitors.

And every 100th, 500th and 1000th visitor will receive a special present!

You are very welcome to visit fascinating National Nature Park “Synevyr on the 7th of July!

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