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PanParks Foundation “in Liquidation”

We were informed today by the newly appointed Liquidator of the PanParks Foundation “in Liquidation“, that the bankruptcy-chamber of the Zwolle-Court in The Netherlands has decided not to accept Pan Parks’ filing for bankrupcy due to lack of funds to offer any acceptable payment to creditors or potential creditors.

The court also decided that the court appointed Liquidator will arrange the final shutdown of the Pan Parks organization.

The European Wilderness Society is not affected by these events in any way, since it is a new and independent entity with no prior or current business or organizational relationship with the PanParks Foundation “in Liquidation”.

3 thoughts on “PanParks Foundation “in Liquidation”

  • Sad to see the demise of PANParks,–it did some truly fine things, and seemingly set the stage for European Wilderness Society.

    Good wishes to EWS as it proceeds in its fine program. Glad that there is a pathway into your system for certified PANParks.

  • Hi Karin, that is a very good question. The European Wilderness Society is honouring all Ex-PanParks certifications for at least two more years. The parks can then renew their wilderness certification according to the new European Wilderness Quality Standards.

    Several of the areas are already in discussion with us to join the European Preservation System.

    We can therefore rightfully say, that there will be certified wilderness areas in Europe regardless of the liquidation of the PanParks Foundation.

  • Sad news. So what will happen to all the parks that have already been certified as PanParks?

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