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By the people, for the people – our citizen engagement videos are online

In the last months, we have been active in finding innovative ways to engage local citizens in nature conservation. The Interreg Volunteer Youth initiative has created a great opportunity for young volunteers to organise citizen engagement activitities across Europe to improve understanding of how people view and value cross-border cooperation. These events have shown that be it young or old, locals appreciate and welcome opportunities to give back to nature.

We are thankful to everyone who joined us in these events. With almost 450 participants in total, we have created art, learnt about how to experience nature when we’re outdoors, shared important guidelines about respecting nature, built insect hotels with young students, immersed ourselves in the forest, cleaned over 400 kg of waste from a wild river, discussed the future of pasture farming in South Tyrol with the return of large carnivores, and participated in the winter monitoring of the wolf population in Triglav National Park.

To get a glimpse of the power of citizen engagement, watch our videos below! Let it be physical or virtual, we feel honoured that so many people support us in our efforts to fight for Europe’s Wilderness!

WILDArt Majella in Italy

Nature experience workshop in Bulgaria

Respect Nature in Austria

Insect Respect in Austria

Hornad Wild River Cleaning in Slovakia

Bridging the gap in Italy

Wildlife tracking in Slovenia

One thought on “By the people, for the people – our citizen engagement videos are online

  • Only one person can not provide for the environment what a whole society can do, so it is important for societies to be made aware of the danger for the environment, and of the wrong practices committed by humans that harm nature and its balance.
    good donethank you all

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