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Gusty wind hit Slovakia, millions of tress uprooted

Get used to the other Tatras. Strong, gusty winds, returned late last week to the Tatra National Park after almost a decade. Several other Slovakian protected areas have lost more trees then in the decades ago…
This kind of news swept throughout Slovakian media last week due to the strong wind!

What that means for European Wilderness? That means that we need etalons, examples of the wild nature in various bioms and ecosystems throughout Europe to be able to study, research and first of all to learn to better understand Mother Nature!!! Monocultured spruce forest planted in several Slovakian protracted during previous decades was not obviously the best decision…

Even now it is not going to be the smartest  decision to sent to these protected (even core/Wilderness zones as already indicated)  tractors  and chain saws… That definitely will not helps us to learn how to manage forest in various zone of protected areas!

See power of nature here:

4 thoughts on “Gusty wind hit Slovakia, millions of tress uprooted

  • Thanks for reaction!!! Yes Mother Nature can save a lot of money. Let it be concept is a great opportunity to leartn for all of us! We just need a wish to learn…

  • In one word: GREAT!
    Saves nature restoration a lot of money.

    Let it be.

  • yes, there are still a lot of trees left… On one side a gusty wind cleaned-up large areas secured from the previous windstorm in 2003, but there are already many more young trees growing in the shadow of broken trees. These broken trees protect the young ones from any further damage while they will grow up to be strong enough to pop-up theirs ‘heads’ out of smashed decaying trees!

  • Hello
    I have head about the gusty wind in Slovakia as well in 2004. There was lot of protest against logging out all the trees from area. How it ended? Did any trees stayed in area till today? Thanks for your answer.


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