Soomaa Wilderness – New Publication!

Today we are releasing another new publication about Soomaa Wilderness, in Estonia. This Wilderness Brief provides information about the unique Wilderness in Soomaa National Park, alongside details about the biodiversity and tourism opportunities of the area.

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Soomaa Wilderness consists of four peat bogs, connected by rivers and floodplain meadows and forests. Because of this, Soomaa Wilderness is internationally known as a Ramsar Site.

Interestingly the area is known for having five seasons – the fifth is the ‘high-water season’, which usually comes in March or April.  The whole region floods, and it is necessary to use a boat to travel! Because of this, the local villagers have a tradition of making dugout canoes, and the knowledge is passed down through the generations. You can read more about Soomaa Wilderness below:

Download the Wilderness Brief here:

Soomaa Wilderness Brief

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