Wilderness around Salatin Mountains, Tatra NP, Slovakia

Several days ago we posted an information about the new and extraordinary book describing Wilderness around Salatin Mountains in Tatra National Park, Slovakia!

A small but very friendly and informal meeting was carried out an yesterday evening (18th Dec 2013) in small village Bobrovec at the edge of Salatin Wilderness was. The team of authors were very warmly welcomed by the mayor of the Bobrovec village and the Director of the Tatra NP officially welcomed the book to its life. During informal discussion authors and local donors discussed challenges to protect this place and possibility to guarantee the long-term protection of this very unique place!

It is good to see how handful of committed local people together with enthusiastic Wilderness lovers are willing to invest time, knowledge and even money to support protection of such unique place as Jalovecka Valley around Salatin Mountains in Tatra NP, Slovakia!

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