#WirtschaftNeuLeben: Transform our economy

The European Wilderness Society participates in a German-speaking social media campaign titled #WirtschaftNeuLeben, which translates to ‘Live economy in a new way’.

#WirtschaftNeuLeben is a video campaign on a social media, which unites a variety of organizations to deliver a joint message. Economy has to work in a new way. It has to coexist with nature, protect climate and biodiversity, be fair, democratic and solidary. Over 60 organisations, associations, economist, artists and researchers are convinced by this and share the message. This way, many voices become one. Because together we are more.

The goal of #WirtschaftNeuLeben is to start a discussion about economy. Looking at the finite resources of our world, everyone must question: What must change so that we can hand over a world worth living on to our children? And how we can achieve this?

Change can only happen collectively. Accordingly, we hope that as many people as possible will be inspired by our campaign!

Christine Sonvilla
Initiator of the campaign

You can find all the videos under the hashtag #WirtschaftNeuLeben on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. There are also official accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

We encourage everyone that agrees with the message of #WirtschaftNeuLeben to record their own video, no matter in what language. Tell us what you think has to change in our economy. Join the conversation, because we are all part of reshaping our economy and our lives.

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