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Wolf Poster: Now available in Basque!

Our wolf poster, which details how a wolf restores balance in nature, is now available to download in Basque. To date the poster has been translated into 19 European languages and used in Wilderness education programmes across the continent.

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The poster visualises the role of the wolf in the environment and the positive effect it can have on the whole food chain, and even to the farmer.

It’s also part of our Let’s Get Wild! education programme in Austria where we teach high school children about the environment, climate change, national parks and large carnivores.

You can download the poster in all 19 languages here.

Our Wilderness advocates provided the translations on a voluntary basis. In case you are able to provide us with a translation that is currently missing, get in touch with us! Please feel free to copy, print and redistribute the material in any medium or format, but please do not modify it without permission. Thank you.

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