World Ranger Day 2018

Update 29.11.2018: read more information on the Wilderness Ranger Days 2019

Did you know that one ranger is killed in the line of duty, on average, every three to four days? Around the globe, rangers are the men and women who work hard to defend Earth’s wildlife and remaining wild places. They are known as conservation heroes, and have a job that is both dangerous and difficult. They can face poachers, warfare, illegal loggers, politicians, inadequate incomes, and through it all continue to protect the landscape.

World Ranger Day is an annual celebration of rangers, organised by the International Ranger Federation (IRF). This first World Ranger Day was in 2007, on the 15th anniversary of the IRF. It is a day for voicing our thanks to rangers – we honour those that have fallen and celebrate those that continue their work as Earth’s guardians.

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We need Rangers

Rangers interact with scientists, visitors and the local community, and are the ‘backbone’ of protected area management. The European Wilderness Society recently attended the Wilderness Ranger Academy 2018, here you can read about the duties of a US Wilderness Ranger. Our planet is under pressure – habitat loss, climate overheating, environmental crimes. Whilst there are many reasons why this is happening, the rangers are key in protecting the environment:

Rangers around the globe must play a critical frontline role in defending our natural heritage, now and always into the future.

-Sean Willmore, International Ranger Federation

Our Wilderness Rangers

In light of this day, we spoke with Claus Lackerbauer and Peter Übleis, rangers from Kalkalpen National Park and Kalkalpen Wilderness.  Claus and Peter work alongside their colleagues to do a fantastic job of protecting and promoting Wilderness in Austria. They are also some of the rangers that worked with the Wilderness Camps for our Let’s Get Wild programme.

Claus Lackerbauer

Your favourite part of being a ranger?

Meeting so many open-minded people out in the nature, who show real interest in understanding the small and big circles of life.

The biggest challenge of being a ranger?

The short time we spend together with our guests! It would be great to have more multiple-day programs to build deeper connections and have more time to share our knowledge and love for what we do.

Do you have a message for World Ranger Day?

With our work we have the opportunity of becoming a crucial part in changing our visitors habits and their viewpoints of the nature and of the world. And on this day every single one of us should be aware that they are not alone on their mission!

Claus Lackerbauer

Peter Übleis

Your favourite part of being a ranger?

The chance to provide young people, but also adults with an understanding of nature and the beauty of our planet.

The biggest challenge of being a ranger?

You only have a very limited amount of time to not only catch the interest of others but also to inspire them to keep acting sustainably and protecting the environment.

Do you have a message for World Ranger Day?

We all play a small part in the circle of nature, but each and every one of us can have a positive effect an preserving our beautiful environment.

Peter Übleis

We stand with the World’s Rangers

Today we honour and recognise our Wilderness rangers, and rangers worldwide. We thank you for your hard work and dedication in protecting our planet, and we will continue to support your work in the future.

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