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Celebrating Wilderness in 2019

We are starting off 2019 with some great news. This year is going to be a year full with events, activities, festivities and anniversaries. Of course, we will be giving you more information soon. In case you wonder why we are so excited, take a look why we are celebrating Wilderness together this year!

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European Wilderness Society 5 year anniversary

Since 2014, the European Wilderness Society has become known in the European world of nature conservation. In 2019, we will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary with a lot of events and publications. For example, we will be publishing a new great book on Europe wildest places. Also, we will have Anniversary workshops, a special journal, a contest, this years Wilderness Academy Days, and much more…

Don’t forget to register for the Wilderness Academy Days to join all the Wilderness festivities!

EU Wilderness Resolution 10 year anniversary

In 2009, a milestone was reached in Europe, when the European Parliament adopted the Wilderness Resolution. The resolution called the European Commission to clearly define Wilderness, which happened in May 2009. Also, the resolution mandates the European Environment Agency to map of existing Wilderness areas in Europe. Furthermore, it stressed the importance of studies on the benefits of Wilderness, a EU Wilderness strategy, catalysing developments of new Wilderness areas, and promotion of Wilderness with NGOs and local communities.

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US Wilderness Act 55 year anniversary

One of the first milestones for the preservation of self-willed land was the US Wilderness Act in 1964. The US Wilderness Act was an example for many other countries, including the European Union. The Wilderness Act from the United States provided Europe with a solid basis to further develop the principles and criteria and to adapt it to the European situation.

But there is more…

Besides all the anniversary events, we will of course continue with the work we love to do most. European Wilderness Society will continue with field audits of the European Wilderness Quality Standard, new publications and continue to improve and expand the European Wilderness Network. This year, south Eastern Europe is especially on the radar, as well as other Central European countries. Also, we will be hosting the WILDArt edition 2019 in Italy late summer.

And besides this, our organisation of course continues to educate youth on Wilderness and wildlife. We will continue to develop new interesting projects with our international partners across Europe.

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