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European Wilderness Society celebrates its 11th birthday!

It is already 11 years when a small group of Wilderness lovers set up the European Wilderness Society. Let’s look shortly backwards and in this article, briefly follow the path of the European Wilderness Society over the past eleven years. We will take a brief look at its achievements, challenges and reveal its aspirations for the future. We will follow the path from its humble beginnings to its current status and priorities in protecting the last remnants of European wilderness.

Safeguarding European Wilderness

Celebrating more than decade of dedication to preserving Europe’s wild spaces, the European Wilderness Society marks its milestone anniversary. Founded on a vision of safeguarding and restoring wilderness areas across the continent, this organization, has been at the forefront of efforts to preserve and protect natural, spontaneously functioning ecosystems.

At the early beginning the activities of the European Wilderness Society focused on the creation of the European wilderness quality standard. Once that was done priority become to build the European Wilderness Network together with the support of the Wilderness focused research, education and advocacy. The European Wilderness Society through the years has made significant progress in raising awareness of the importance of Wilderness areas throughout Europe.

Eleven years ago, the European interest in protecting the last remnants of Wilderness was almost non-existent

Unknown Wilderness

Eleven years ago, Wilderness was not very common subject in Europe. Only isolated individuals or groups of people who knew the unique properties of Wilderness from their own experiences spoke about Wilderness protection. European interest in protecting the last remnants of Wilderness was almost non-existent.

Wilderness conservation efforts were very rare and isolated. Gradually, however, the lone enthusiasts joined together and began to advocate for the preservation of the Wilderness. In doing so, they laid the foundations for a future initiative aimed at protecting European wilderness as a whole.

Only slowly and gradually, together with the increasing awareness of environmental problems, the importance of protecting the European Wilderness also began to grow. Scientific evidence about the importance of Wilderness not only for the protection of biodiversity, but also for man himself contributed significantly to the change in attitudes. The reflection of this situation was the creation of an organization such as the European Wilderness Society, which today plays an important role in the protection of European Wilderness.

Europe needs Wilderness

Europe needs Wilderness for its invaluable contributions to biodiversity conservation, ecosystem health, and human well-being. These wild spaces today provide essential ecosystem services, including clean air and water or carbon sequestration. Wilderness offers opportunities for recreation, inspiration, and spiritual renewal, benefiting our physical and mental health.

Despite of this benefits, Wilderness areas face constant threats from human activities like deforestation and environment pollution. Research already proved that Wilderness is vital to maintaining ecological balance and ensuring a sustainable future. Also, in this aspect the European Wilderness Society plays a critical role in advocating for the protection and restoration of Wilderness areas across the continent. It is a process when, safeguarding Europe’s natural heritage for generations to come.

The role of the European Wilderness Society in conserving wilderness is irreplaceable

Europe need European Wilderness Society

Europe needs the European Wilderness Society to champion the preservation of the last fragments of European Wilderness. With many years of expertise and dedication, the Society advocates for the protection and restoration of Wilderness areas across the continent. Through research, education, and collaboration with stakeholders, it raises awareness about the importance of Wilderness conservation.

In a rapidly changing world threatened by urbanization and climate change, the European Wilderness Society provides a crucial voice for wild spaces. By ensuring the preservation of these areas, it safeguards biodiversity, ecosystem services, and so the well-being of the millions Europeans citizens.


The future of the European Wilderness Society is vital for Europe’s Wilderness. Its role in conserving wilderness is irreplaceable. Presently, the primary challenge lies in motivating and gathering broader support of European citizens for Wilderness preservation.

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