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Hunting for Trophies

Online hunting photographs reveal achievement and Satisfaction with killing large and dangerous Prey.

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Wilderness is consider to be a ‘paradise‘ for wildlife. The area without human extractive use such as hunting, fishing, forestry operation, grazing, etc.

For Wilderness ‘fans’ the Hunting for Trophies is something completely not compatible with Wilderness concept and Hunters for Trophies are people who either do not understand or do not want to understand, Wilderness  due to satisfaction of their personal hobbies.
Wildlife hunters demonstrate remarkably divergent behavior compared to other predators of vertebrate prey. Whereas most predators in the natural world typically select “substandard” (i.e., small, young, and/or weak) individuals within populations, wildlife hunters generally target large adult individuals.

Wildlife hunters frequently harvest animals, namely carnivores, just for fun. Moreover, in the natural world, predators typically hunt as a means by which to consume food. Although this is also the case for many ungulate hunters, some wildlife hunters frequently harvest animals they do not eat, namely carnivores. Although often associated with hunting safaris in Africa, targeting carnivores is also common in North America, Europe, and beyond.

Harvesting large or dangerous “trophy prey” is not only common in contemporary society, but might also have a long history, as evolutionary anthropologists have suggested that carcasses served as focal points in competitive displays among hunter-gatherers. Currently, hunters commonly pose for photographs with their prey and have the heads, hides, and ornamentation/weapons of animals preserved by taxidermy.

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