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How ESC Volunteering in European Wilderness Society Changed My Life

My volunteering experience has come to a gradual yet surprisingly swift conclusion. The past two months have been a whirlwind of intensity, filled with learning, travel, and pure moments of joy. Time seemed to slip by unnoticed in the midst of this enriching journey.

By actively participating in a diverse array of nature protection projects, my grasp of this essential subject has been substantially deepened. The valuable knowledge I have acquired is now poised to be actively employed in the noble task of safeguarding and upholding the natural splendor of my cherished hometown in Ukraine.

During this time, I honed my writing skills and delved into the realm of social media management. I was crafting engaging and effective content for platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram became second nature. Additionally, I gained insight into Meta business. I acquired proficiency in using WordPress and SEO tools for crafting posts and newsletters on the website. I also gained the know-how to utilize GarageBand for podcast recording and editing, and I learned how to capture and edit personal experiences into videos using HitFilm.

Working within an international team, I was fully immersed in the collaborative spirit and the well-established corporate culture of a company with a rich history spanning over two decades. This experience not only enhanced my skills in time management, enabling me to approach tasks more adeptly, but also exposed me to diverse perspectives and innovative approaches that arise when working with colleagues from around the world.

Setting out on daring expeditions alongside the team, I was not only enriched with firsthand knowledge of nature protection methods but was also granted the exceptional privilege of completely immersing myself in the spellbinding landscapes of Lungau.

A childhood dream came true as I embarked on a week-long exploration of Austria, thanks to the unwavering support of the European Wilderness Society team. The cities of Salzburg, Vienna, and Graz exceeded all expectations, each possessing its own unique charm and allure.

The closing days always seem to rush past, and it’s challenging to fully grasp that every good story has its end. However, I am confident in the potential for ongoing collaboration and maintaining the warm relations I’ve developed with the European Wilderness Society and its incredible team!

Being a part of the European Wilderness Society’s history fills me with happiness. Without reservation, I wholeheartedly recommend the European Solidarity Corps volunteering experience to everyone!

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