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It is a wild life in Retezat Wilderness

You can find Retezat Wilderness, partner of the European Wilderness Network, in the oldest National Park of Romania: Retezat National Park. Is lays within the south-western part of the Carpathian Mountains with mountains over 2 300 metres. The Wilderness area hosts one of the last remaining untouched nature in the Carpathians. Therefore it is an important example for many other Protected Areas. The untouched nature is home to a wild variety of plant an animal species.

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Surprises of wildlife

There are a number of endemic and protected species in the well-preserved forests of Retezat Wilderness. With almost 1 200 different plant species and over 50 different mammal species, Retezat plays an important role for biodiversity conservation. Visitors and rangers of Retezat National Park regularly come across traces of wolves, bear, wild boar, or even lynx. Last month, one of the rangers also came across tracks of a more illusive species: the wild cat.

Last year, our team visited the wild cat sanctuary in Thayatal National Park’s Visitor Centre during the Wilderness Quick-Audit to learn more about this protected animal.

Transparc Net Meeting Thayatal

With a relative high number of people visiting the Retezat Wilderness every year, it is important to respect nature. Hiking through the Wilderness, you might find yourself crossing paths with one of its inhabitants.

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