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Webinar: Forest Management in the Carpathians

Have you ever wondered about how forestry practices in the Carpathians evolved over time? Or how historic unsustainable practices have influenced forest and Wilderness areas in Slovakia today? Wilderness expert Vlado Vancura will give us an in-depth insight into forest management in the Carpathians – then and now – in a webinar on the 25th of February at 14:00 CET. You can register for the webinar now.

Webinar series: biodiversity in forests

As part of the Austrian project “Multi-perspective view of Biodiversity in Forests” the European Wilderness Society organises a series of German or German-English bilingual webinars, starting in February and lasting until June. The aim of the series is to show different aspects of the fauna and flora in forests, how climate change might affect them and what solutions exist to adapt to the changes. During the webinars a conversation between forest experts and participants will be fostered to explore a variety of opinions and solutions. Every two week a different topic will be explored, ranging from forest and wildlife management to forest fires in Central Europe.

In the first webinar, Vlado Vancura, an expert in forestry and Wilderness conservation, will tell us about his decade-long experience with forest management in the Carpathian Mountains in Slovakia. The history of forests in Slovakia is a diverse one with many changes in use and ownership. Nowadays, the Carpathians are home to some of the largest old-growth forests and wildlife populations in Europe. But these natural treasures are under threat by an ever increasing demand for timber. In addition, climate change and bark beetles are changing and damaging forests all across Slovakia. Join us on the 25th of February by registering now.

The Carpathians are an extremely important part of European forests. Which experiences exist with active and passive forest management in this corner of Europe and why is sound forest management actually important? 
The webinar will not only answers these kind of questions, but will also provide an analysis of many other relevant subjects such as the uniqueness of the Carpathian forest, the history of Slovakian forestry and current challenges and trends. 

Vlado Vancura
Deputy Chairman European Wilderness Society

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