Local solutions to large carnivores in Europe

EuroLargeCarnivores, a LIFE project which provides space for people to share knowledge and experiences about large carnivore coexistence, has made a short film about local solutions to coexistence.

Large Carnivores

Large carnivores, such as bears and wolves, are a symbol of a wild landscape in Europe. They are both a source of fascination and unfortunately a target for fear and hate. EuroLargeCarnivores is one example of a project in Europe which is working to spread knowledge and awareness of large carnivores, to work towards human-carnivore coexistence. Reducing conflict between humans and wildlife will lead to less illegal hunting of large carnivores, and less large carnivores preying on unprotected livestock.

Bears and wolves have the same right to live here as we have. They are part of the ecosystem.

Yannick Lamazou
Shepherd and Cheese Producer

Human-Carnivore Coexistence

The film focuses on how coexistence works in practice, using livestock protection methods such as electric fences and guarding dogs. If all livestock farmers used a minimal level of protection, then wolves would learn that livestock are not prey, thus reducing human-carnivore conflict.

The film also touches on some of the benefits of large carnivores, for example the economic opportunities that can arise. For more information, you can view the film below:

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