European Wilderness Society

Meeting the new Erasmus volunteers

A four-day training to meet other new Erasmus volunteers, share experiences and learn about Erasmus+. That took place last week in Vienna, hosted at Europahaus. Our colleague Nick Huisman attended the event on behalf of the European Wilderness Society. The European Wilderness Society is an accredited organisation in the European Voluntary Service programme from Erasmus.

Non-formal learning

An important feature of Erasmus is international learning, in a non-formal way. Although non-formal methods can differ a lot, they have one thing in common. It does not include a teacher that stands in front of the class to talk. Instead, in includes interactive and participatory processes where everybody can join. This time, more than 20 new volunteers with 11 nationalities from all over Austria attended the training. The volunteer work varied from social work in kindergartens, to television making and working at the European Wilderness Society. Hence, a great example of the diversity of projects on an European scale.

We received over 80 applications for our latest volunteer position, and invited the best fitting candidate. Therefore, we are looking forward to welcome our next volunteer in May. Are you interested to join us as an Erasmus Volunteer? Make sure you check the website regularly.

Also, keep in mind that the European Voluntary Service will soon change to the European Solidarity Corps. Register yourself already here, to be fully eligible for our next volunteer positions.

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