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Participate in a survey about attitudes towards wolves in the Alps

The project LIFE WolfAlps EU started in cooperation with project partners in Italy, Austria, France and Slovenia, co-funded by the EU and the Austrian Federal Ministry for the Environment. Where the LIFEstockProtect project focuses on livestockprotection and training, the LIFE WolfAlps EU project aims to improve the coexistence of wolves and humans in the Alps. The LIFE WolfAlps EU team wants to learn more about people’s attitudes towards wolves. Thus, they launched a survey (in German) that we invite you to participate in.

Public attitudes matter

Knowing and understanding public attitudes towards wolves and different management options is necessary for the successful implementation of projects like LIFE WolfAlps EU. Like this, it is possible to evaluate the projects impact, the causes of potential conflicts and to decide on necessary future steps. The survey has a wide range fo target groups. On the one hand it is the general population. Other target groups of the survey are mainly people from the fields of agriculture, hunting, nature conservation, education (teachers), media (journalism) and tourism.

Regardless of your attitude towards wolves, your opinion is valuable! And filing out the survey only takes 15 minutes. The survey will run up to and including 1 June 2021.

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