Saving the last Wild River in Romanian Carpathians

Today European Wilderness Society had a meeting with Wilderness supporter from Romania, Calin Dejeu. They discussed further potential cooperation, particularly on protecting and certifying WILDRiver in Romania.

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Râul Alb is the last undisturbed river in Romanian Carpathians.

Râul Alb is flowing through old-growth forest on a wild valley, without roads, and then, outside the mountains, in Hateg Country Dinosaur Geopark of Retezat Mountains it has a natural floodplain. The river and the floodplain represent a refuge for thriving populations of protected species. After years of struggle the river was saved from hydropower plant and now the building of a big fish farm in the middle on nature, on the river bank, over the priority habitat 91E0, in the natural functional floodplain threatening the last wild river of Romanian Carpathians and the ecosystem.

The Petition to save the river was signed by 115 476 supporters, but it is open, since the river is still in danger because of human activities.

Based on European Wilderness Society´s field work in different European countries and constant communication with our network we know that WildRIVERS are in short supply in Europe, therefore their preservation is so important and therefore our European Wilderness Network constantly increasing.

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