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Supporting rangers in the Wilderness

Last week the European Wilderness Society team held its first WILDArt event in Synevyr National Nature Park, Ukraine, with 11 artists from five European countries. As part of this event we took artists into the Wilderness and let the wild nature inspire them. One of our artists was Ruslan Gleb, a senior scientific specialist for the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve. Several areas within the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve are audited Wilderness and members of the European Wilderness Network.

Ruslan acted as a local guide and supportive scientist while we conducted Wilderness Audits in the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve. As a result, the Reserve now includes; one Wilderness area (Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh) two WILDForests (Kuziy-Trybushany and Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh) and three WILDRivers (Mala Uholka, Shyrokyy Luh and Velyka Uholka).

A ranger with many talents

Ruslan is a very talented painter and pastel artist, which is why he joined the WILDArt project. His artwork is mostly focused on serenities in the Carpathian landscapes. However whilst at our event he proved invaluable, helping to translate, and also imparting his knowledge of Ukrainian Wilderness, fauna and flora to the European Wilderness Society team and artists.

Last week Ruslan Gleb also accompanied the European Wilderness Society auditors during the Quick Audit of Maramarosh potential Wilderness, in the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve. Here again he confirmed his commitment towards Wilderness.

A small contribution and support

To thank Ruslan, the European Wilderness Society gifted him with a small, outdoor campstove made by BioLite, which can simultaneously cook for four people and charge electronic devices via a USB cable. Burning only wood, the CampStove creates a smokeless fire that can cook meals and boil water in minutes while turning its heat into usable electricity. It also charges a battery which can provide strong LED light for a whole evening. The campstove does not depend on an energy source such as propane or gas and so it is perfect for the Wilderness and extend trips through nature.

The team used the campstove throughout their time in Ukraine and particularly during the three days of field work in Maramarosh Wilderness. Its small, lightweight model make it perfect for the field and as Ruslan has already camped and bivouacked 90 nights in the field this year as part of his research and ranger duties, we felt he needed it more than we do! He can now charge his electrical devices and cook his meals totally independent from any fossil fuel for an extended period of time.

We look forward to working with Ruslan in the Wilderness in the future, and in the meantime know that Ruslan will be well-equipped in the field to cook, charge devices and have a light in the evenings!

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