Wilderness Audit in Thayatal, Austria

Thayatal National Park, Austria formally applied for the European Wilderness Society Quick-Audit. Therefore the management decided to identify the Wilderness and Wilderness restoration zones to join the European Wilderness Network. This process has potential to create, together with the Podyjí Wilderness, a transboundary Wilderness in central Europe.

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Thayatal Wilderness

The nomination of the Thayatal Wilderness is an excellent example of a small, but very unique, piece of Wilderness. The dominant ecosystems are deciduous forest and the natural meandering Thaya/Dyje River.
The task during the Quick Audit will be also an assessment of ecological connectivity between the Podyjí and Thayatal Wilderness, pressure of visitors and impact of the dam above the park blocking the river,
said Vlado Vancura of the European Wilderness Society.

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