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Zero Emissions Day: Giving Our Planet One Day Off A Year

Each year, on September 21st, Zero Emissions Day is celebrated around the world. 

What is Zero Emissions Day?

Zero Emissions Day started in Canada in the year 2008 by an environmental activist, called Ken Wallace. The idea was to cut emissions for one day in industry, agriculture and transportation. Now, the day is used to raise awareness about the harm caused by carbon emissions and give the world a break from them and time to breathe. The day is especially created to engage more people to change to more climate-friendly actions and make more climate-friendly choices in their everyday life. 

How people celebrate it

Various organisations, among them also the CLC (Climate Leadership Coalition), plan events for today to mark the day. Companies and businesses are also encouraged to join the action today and tell the public about how they reduce emissions. With global warming on the rise, it is important to reduce emissions and limit global warming. 

Individuals also get the chance to take part in activities to promote clean air and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Enel Group

Enel Group, distributor of electricity and gas, is one of the businesses that celebrates Zero Emission Day today by making sustainability the cornerstone of its strategy. Moreover, it is working to reduce emissions in all its activities, according to its website.   

Mainly, they are working on clean electrification and the use of renewable and clean energy sources. Their goal is to switch completely to renewable energy by 2040. For Zero Emissions Day, Enel Group is sharing some of their sustainable practices to inspire and inform other businesses too.

Ways to celebrate Zero Emissions Day

You, too, can celebrate Zero Emissions Day. Here are some ideas on how to do it: 

  • Turn off all your electronics for the day (or at least for some hours)
  • Turn off all your lights to save energy
  • Plant a tree
  • Support local businesses that produce sustainably (or do not shop at all)
  • Inform yourself (and others) about renewable energy sources and ideas how to help our planet and stop climate change
  • Leave your car at home and use your bike or public transport

Which brings us directly to the next chapter of internationally celebtrated days:

World Car Free Day

World Car Free Day is celebrated on September 22nd, one day after Zero Emissions Day. On this day, people are encouraged to use other transportation than cars. Just like for Zero Emissions Day, activities are organised around the world to celebrate the day. Some cities, like Paris, already organise car free Sundays every month for the Champs Elysée. 

Benefits of World Car Free Day are less traffic congestions, a greener environment and reduced gasoline demand. 

The benefits of going car-free extend far beyond a single day. Cleaner air, reduced traffic congestion, enhanced physical health, and a stronger sense of community are just a few of the many advantages. By taking part in this global movement, we can pave the way for a more sustainable and vibrant future.

Robert Williams
CEO of Reading Buses

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