European Wilderness Network: The wildest places in Europe now online!

In the past years, the team of the European Wilderness Society visited and audited the wildest places in Europe. We meticulously researched, personally visited, audited and certified each Wilderness on whether it complies with the European Wilderness Quality Standard and Audit System developed and updated by more than 230 Wilderness advocates.  There are now almost 40 unique  Wilderness, WILDForests, WILDRivers, WILDIslands and WILDCoasts in 17 countries listed in the European Wilderness Network and the list is expanding almost weekly and monthly.

European Wilderness Network

All Wilderness, WILDForests, WILDRivers, WILDIslands and WILDCoasts in the European Wilderness Network are unique and represent the best and wildest places in Europe. They cover a multitude of different habitats, are all governed by natural processes and non-intervention stewardship techniques. These areas are worth a trip to visit to see how nature thrives without us human interfering.

Each area is visited regularly by our Wilderness team and we just completed a trip to Scandinavia and the Baltic region, the Carpathians and are travelling in 2018 to Germany, France, Balkans and Iberian Peninsula. We will continue to identify and designate new Wilderness all across Europe to protect it for the future generations.

Join us in this effort and support the Wilderness Movement in Europe.

Take a look at Europe´s last Wilderness with more Wilderness areas added to the European Wilderness Network .

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