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European Wilderness Society meets Dr John Hausdoerffer and Terry Minger

After one week in Washington D.C. I arrived in Boulder, Colorado, today. My first meeting was with Dr. John Hausdoerffer of the Western Colorado University. The difference between the two connected terms of “Wilderness” and “wildness”, discussed in the book “Wildness – Relations of People and Place” by Dr. Hausdoerffer and Gavin Van Horn, opened up an interesting conversation. Dr. Hausdoerffer’s international master program in Environmental Management offers a unique chance to study the concept and philosophy of Wilderness in the heart of Colorado surrounded by numerous Wilderness areas to experience the solitude in and gratitude for untouched nature.

Trip to Vail, Gunnsion and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Dr. Hausdoerffer also introduced me to Terry Minger, Gregory Canyon. The Boulder Open Space as well as the history of local environmental movements and how these movements influenced today’s situation were just some of the many topics that came up during this fruitful meeting.

A trip to Vail and Gunnison was the outcome of today’s meeting. This trip will introduce me to several international people involved in local conservation projects and will give me an insight to the masters program of Dr. Hausdoerffer. It will also give me the opportunity to discuss our international exchange projects, such as the Wilderness fellows and student exchange program.

European Wilderness Society USA Visit
European Wilderness Society USA Visit

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