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European Wilderness Society meets International League of Conservation Writers

Golden, Colorado, is home to Fulcrum Publishing, the leading publishing company on conservation topics, and the International League of Conservation Writers. I met Robert Baron, Chairman, and Patty Maher, Creative Director, to talk about their wide-ranging work in the conservation sector – from books for every age group to interviews and movies. They further host and lead the International League of Conservation Writers. This consortium of approximately 300 writers from 41 countries all over the world was established during the WILD 8 in Alaska. Since then there have been seminars and talks for interessted writers and conservationists at the WILD 9 and WILD 10. 

During our meeting I not only got an insight in their work but we also talked about future linkages between the International League of Conservation Writers and the European Wilderness Society. Movies made and published by Fulcrum Publishing, such as “Wilderness in America – From Conquest to Conservation” or “Keepers of the Public Land –  Those who manage America’s Treasures”, will be shown during this year’s Wilderness Academy Days in November.

Coming up next week:

Next week I will travel to Vail together with Terry Minger and Meredith Miller to visit the Walking Mountain Science Center. On Thursday i will travel to Gunnison to meet Dr. John Hausdoerffer again to talk about possible Student Exchange Programmes and Wilderness Workshops.

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