Happy Independence Day, Ukraine!

Today Ukraine, one of the European Wilderness Society´s main partner country, celebrates its Independence Day. This is the 31 year of Independence of this great country of divers incredible nature and dedicated people. We very much hope that Ukraine will remain independent for many more years and its beautiful natural landscapes will stay!

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European Wilderness Society has a long-lasting diverse cooperation with many Ukrainian partners, among which:

  • Ministry of Environmental protection and natural resources of Ukraine
  • State Ecological Academy of Postgraduate and Management
  • Numerous protected areas, especially partners of the European Wilderness Network
  • NGOs and Agencies
  • Schools etc.

Current status of Ukrainian protected areas

According to the local experts recently 20% of all protected areas of Ukraine are affected by war. 0,9 million of hectares are struggling from the military actions, 812 protected areas are in danger. Moreover, 4 biosphere reserves, 160 areas of Emerald network and 14 Ramsar objects are under the threat of destruction. Many employees of protected areas are now fighting on the war. 

But here also good news, more then 15 thousand temporary displaced people found shelters on the territory of relatively safe protected areas, mostly on the west of Ukraine. These protected areas beside safety provide educational, but also physical and meatal health improvement opportunities. Many people continuing work in the protected areas and this causes admiration!

Our activities for Ukraine

European Wilderness Society jointly with local partners already implemented a lot of great activities and projects in and for Ukraine and continuing work on new ones. Among implemented and ongoing projects, which you can find on our website, are:

Furthermore, two Ukrainians specialists from East and West of the country: Karolian Soliar and Iryna Shchoka are also part of our team!

Further plans

Recently with the Ukrainian partners we are working on the development of the pilot project for further support of the nature conservation activities and staff capacity building of Ukrainian protected areas. And we hope this project will contribute to further strengthening of the nature protection sector of Ukraine, which has an international value!

Happy Independence Day, dear Ukraine! Stay blooming, free and happy!

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