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Be influential, enthusiastic and convincing!

One very important element of the long-term German National Strategy on Biological Diversity is protect Wilderness.

This strategy envisages that Wilderness cover 2 % of the German land area by 2020 and forests with natural forest development 5% of the wooded area. To achieve this ambition objective a sophisticated and complex marketing and communication strategy is necessary. We can say that future of European Wilderness depends on a success how we accomplish to gain the public support for this extremely important element of European nature conservation.

There are already examples where Wilderness is incorporated to the overall marketing and communication strategy. One of them is Jasmund National Park, Germany,

-Vlado Vancura, Deputy Chairman of the European Wilderness Society.

Be influential, enthuse and convince are three words summarising approach of Koenigsstuhl National Park Centre in Jasmund National Park. It is in the central information point for visitors in this park. The centre was founded on the initiative of the German WWF, the town of Sassnitz and the state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.

The Koenigsstuhl National Park Centre is the information provider within the Jasmund National Park Concept. It for example conveys the beauty and uniqueness of Wilderness of the Jasmund National Park at the highest possible level in order to achieve a lasting awareness of nature in all visitors. The central point where people get information in this park is the Koenigsstuhl National Park Centre. This Centre is located at the famous chalk cliff Koenigsstuhl and offers visitors very special nature and Wilderness experience.

It is the central information point for visitors to the Jasmund National Park and those interested in Wilderness in this area. More information can be found here:

One thought on “Be influential, enthusiastic and convincing!

  • Dear colleagues,

    thanks for your support and the inspiring articles! How massive and emotional thet discussion in Germany is, especially on the 5 % target of forests without use (German NBSAP 2007) and Wolfes, showed the discussion on Monday (23 Jan) evening at prime time in the ARD, in a talk show format called “Hart aber fair” with i.a. the Federal Minister for Nature conservation, Barbara Hendricks, the President of NABU, Olaf Tschimpke, a well known Forester and bookwriter, Peter Wohlleben, and a representative of the German Forest Owners Organisation, Franz Prinz zu Salm-Salm:

    Best wishes, Claus Mayr (NABU)

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