30.06.17 UPDATE: The last true Wilderness

On Thursday 22nd of June, the Wilderness film called ‘The last true Wilderness’ premiered at the International Film Festival 2017 in Groningen, The Netherlands. Weng Fong Mou, Michaela Ream and Margot Meendering from the Hanze University produced the film as a part of the Medialism Project ‘Protect Earth’ after visiting Eastern Europe and the European Wilderness Society. In May 2017, these filmmakers documented the Carpathian Wilderness in Slovakia and Ukraine, guided by Vlado Vancura, Deputy Chairman and Iryna Shchoka, our local expert in Ukraine.

The last true Wilderness focuses on the importance of Wilderness protection in Europe, the hidden treasures among the Carpathian mountain range and how Wilderness connects nature, wildlife and people. It takes you along an adventure into the Tatra and Low Tatra National Parks in Slovakia, where you find Wilderness that has been protected for over 70 years and is allowed to run her natural course. You discover how the Zacharovanyy Kray National Park in Ukraine transformed to a protected Wilderness over the last decades, holding the UNESCO World Heritage protected Primeval Beech Forest in the Carpathians.

“… the tranquility of the forest is not to be misleading, as these woods are just as rich with wildlife and plant life as they are in beauty…”

The film impressed the audience by how these young people were able to show the importance of Wilderness in a beautiful and simple way. The detailed footage of animals, ranging from beetles to bears, resulted in stunning videos. The film will be shared by the European Wilderness Society soon.

“… you can dance with the wolves in Europe. And once you realise that, you realise there are things worth fighting for…”

More information on Medialism Project ‘Protect Earth’ can be found here. Special thanks to Babette Huisman for representing the European Wilderness Society at the International Film Festival 2017 in Groningen.

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