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Legislative initiative to improve protection of virgin beech forests in Ukraine

February 10, 2016 was a meeting to review and discuss the draft law concerning protection of Wilderness in Biosphere Reserves UNESCO and other protected areas in Ukraine. The meeting was attended by representatives of  Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine Anna Vronsky and several representatives of research institutions, protected areas and NGO sector.

Participants from science and research sector such as professor of ecology  from National Forestry Academy of Ukraine Mykola Cherniavsky, Deputy Director Carpathian National University Yuri Shparyk but also Mr. Pokynchereda, head of research of Carpathian Biosphere Reserve and internationally accepted expert on virgin forests, Fedir Hamor,  together with Roman Oliynyk, Deputy Head of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Forestry and nature  conservationist Vasyl Parpan, highlighted the need to improve research and monitoring methodology to define values and threats of beach virgin forests.

Anna Vronsky the Minister of Environment, expressed support for the initiative to create a bill to strengthen the conservation of virgin beech forests in Ukraine.

Complete revision of the bill will be proposed by 25 February 2016 and submitted to the parliament (Verkhovna Rada).

European Wilderness Society as a member of the European Beech Forest Network fully supports this process because virgin forest represents critically important part of Ukrainian Wilderness heritage Wilderness assesment in Zacharovanyy kraj National Park and Next step of Wilderness verification mission in Ukraine

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