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Program for Ukrainian women foresters in Lungau 

In March 2022, European Wilderness society started the training program for Ukrainian women foresters as a part of BioDiv project, who currently stay in Lungau region, Austria.  

Importance of trainings

The trainings are focused on getting new skills and knowledge which women-foresters can apply to integration in EU forestry system and future career development. Moreover further on they can apply their experience in Ukraine and share it with their colleagues. 

There is huge gap in gender equality in forestry area and lack of interest to professions in this field from the side of young women. Also, Ukraine started application process to join European Union, and we as European Wilderness Society strongly believe that this process will be successful.

Training sessions

During past month Ukrainian trainees got training sessions on:

  • European Wilderness Society and its activities
  • Communications in environmental sector
  • European Wilderness Network 
  • Carpathian Convention and its Sustainable forest management protocol
  • Protected areas and their role in climate change mitigation and regional development 
  • Principles of European Union functioning
  • Ecotourism and hiking trails arrangement and maintenance
  • Respect nature   

Experts of the European Wilderness Society have organised and delivered these trainings.

Importance of protected areas

The point was to show deep geographical and diversity connection between Ukrainian protected areas and the whole European nature protection system, to communicate that nature doesn’t have borders and that it can contribute to regional development. These new skills will also build capacities of Ukrainian women-foresters to develop new projects, particularly in Ukraine.

Thank you for this interesting and important information. I am looking forward to continue.

says Iryna Obolonyk, Ukrainian Research Institute of Forestry and Forest Melioration named after G. M. Vysotsky in Kharkiv

European Wilderness Society will continue with capacity building activities of Ukrainian partners and we will keep you updated.

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