A project in Sierra Morena, Spain is studying the interaction between humans and wolves

This research project is about understanding the interaction between humans and wolves in Sierra Morena what are possibilities to put a value on wolves from ecotourism. Entrepreneur and expert in ecotourism, Jose Ignacio Vega is the lead investigator of this research, which is part of the work being developed for his doctoral thesis.

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The research will make a general study of the interactions that exist and have existed between people and wolves in Sierra Morena, and the possibilities there that “a well-planned innovative ecotourism, can improve these relations”.

In his opinion, “the addition of this intangible value that makes this unique species of interest for eco-tourists” and its disclosure “could help improve the valorization and preservation of the Iberian Wolf which is an important part of Spain’s natural heritage.”

The basis of the study will be to know and determine what resources are intangible, which would also determine the tourism potential of the territory around the Iberian wolf.

In order to obtain these results, it will be crucial to include the local communities, tourism companies and managers of protected areas, collecting as many data as possible around the Iberian wolf.

Vega hopes to get a thorough understanding of the context of management of protected areas, know the resources related to the wolf, an inventory of tourism businesses related to the wolf and provide a general idea of the intangible heritage that exists in Sierra Morena.

The work will also value those actions in favor of the Iberian wolf that have been made from the management of protected areas and determine the situation of tourism enterprises that offer or wish to offer wolf-related activities in the future.

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