Youth biggest fear is environmental degradation

Based on the motto “A generation pipe up” a new Study filtered out interesting and hopeful trends according young generation and environment. This study is tasking independent scientists to explore the moods, perspectives and expectations of juveniles in Germany. Already in 2015, the study recorded an increase of voluntary engagement for political and social issues. Meanwhile in this year’s study, engagement is strenghtend due to environmental awareness. But there is also a rise of general attentiveness of themselves and others.

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It’s time to act

According to the study, young people know that it is time to act in climate change as soon as possible. And even if they are optimistic and confident, they sent a clear message to older generation, which is to start taking care of the future. Comparing to the last study of 2015, where young people were most affraid of terrorist attack, the biggest fear today is environmental degradation. On the third position, right behind terrorist attacks, they are affraid of climate change. But also the fear of immigration increases which is still behind the fear of xenophobia.

We stay optimistic but listen to us and take care of our future now!

Co- Author Professor Klaus Hurrelmann, translated from German
Professor of Public Health and Education Hertie School

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