The Javelin Sand boa is the rarest snake species in Europe and the only boa species from the Old Continent. The last live specimen was seen / collected in 1937 near Cochirleni. In September 2014, a team consisting of Vlad Cioflec herpetologists, Tibor Sos, with nature photographer and some enthusiastic naturalists managed to find a stable population in southern Romania, near the Danube. This really stunning discovery shows that sometimes what is lost suddenly reappears.


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Max A. E. Rossberg is an avid WIlderness Advocates with extensive experience in Sustainable Tourism Strategies and Multistakeholder planning processes.


  1. Olga Heijtmajer on

    incredible news! the more reason to be very aware of this ecosystem, it must me preserved!

  2. This is maybe the only locality in Romania.
    The species exists in many other countries.

  3. Alexander Zinke on

    Thanks, very nice news! There is another video with even better presentation of the found boa snake:


  4. There is not true at all! Road-killed boa was reported from Romania even in 2011 (published in 2012). What is true: it is the first report after 1937 when boa is found alive.

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