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EU Parliament declares climate emergency

On the 28th of November, the European Parliament officially declared the climate emergency in Europe. With 429 votes for and only 225 against, the Parliament accepted this symbolic resolution. One week earlier, European Union delegates Pascal Canfin and the Nils Torvalds submitted a motion for the resolution to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The Parliament passes the Resolution just a week before the United Nations climate conference in Madrid.

“Europe’s declaration of a state of climatic and environmental emergency is symbolic. But if we do not vote in favour on Thursday, then the symbolism would be terrible. I appeal to the responsibility of each Member of the European Parliament”

Mr. Pascal Canfin on Twitter
Member of the European Parliament

A solution is needed

According to the Parliament of the European Union, more than 1 000 states, cities and communities already proclaim the climate emergency. That means, that those administrative bodies put the containment of global warming as priority. Nevertheless, the Resolution on the climate and environmental emergency is only a symbolic act. Activists all over Europe demand real action. During the Global Climate Strike week in September 2019 people all over the word made clear how urgent it is. On the 20th of September, we witnessed even the largest climate strikes in world history, including more than 4 million people.

1 trillion euro to stop climate change

The new European Union Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, decided to make the European Union climate-neutral by 2050. Furthermore, the EU will reduce the greenhouse gasses by 55% until 2030, compared to the emission of greenhouse gases in 1990. To achieve this, she wants to allocate one trillion euros during her legislative period. The so-called European Green Deal is supposed to set an example, to show that Europe proceed to stop its emission.

In the meantime, the Finnish politician Ville Niinisto recommends to increase the pressure from the European Parliament on the European Commission and Member States. And it is up to the general public to keep the pressure on the business and Members of Parliament to advocate for the environment.

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