Wilderness Policy

Oil companies under pressure

To keep the world’s average temperature below two degrees, the Paris Agreement was signed in 2016. To achieve this goal, a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 20% is targeted. Another important part is the increase of renewable energy by 20%. The third part is a 20% more efficient use of energy. According to the group Climate Action 100+, oil companies should include reducing their emissions into their actions. The group oversees $35 trillion in investment funds, and need to act more aggressively in cutting carbon emissions as the world seeks to reduce the affects of climate change. The group hopes its members can push corporate boards to change and work toward cutting their net emissions to zero by 2050, a request that will drastically alter life for many of the world’s biggest companies.

Reaction from investors

Shell is one of the world’s biggest oil and natural gas companies with its headquarters in the Netherlands. The company has a poor reputation with accusations related to human rights abuses as well as destruction and pollution of the environment onshore and in the water. Shell is also under pressure from the Climate Action 100+ investor initiative.

Investor engagement through Climate Action 100+ is playing a major role in changing corporate attitudes on climate change. We must now build on the momentum achieved to date if we are to succeed in addressing the climate crisis.

Stephanie Pfeiferthe
vice chair of Climate Action 100+

Since April, Shell offers customers in the Netherlands carbon dioxide neutral refuelling. Which means that a customer can pay one cent extra per litre fuel and Shell will use the money for CO2 compensation by planting trees. After its start, the program will be offered in Great Britain and other European countries as well. According to the company, the amount of one cent is enough, however, considering that the Federal Environmental Agency demands €180 per tonne of CO2. To reach carbon- dioxide neutrality one litre should cost at least 45 cents more than normally.

The problem with the climate

The problem is not, that the climate is changing, because that happened often in the history. But it never happened as fast as right now. Which is our main problem. And the rapid changing caused by our activities, leads to several huge problems. Because one million species are threatened worldwide and many of the threats are directly connected to the climate crisis. But also fires, floods, storms and many other abnormalities are caused by the climate change. And due to that, millions of people could cause hundreds of million people to flee their home. And all the persons concerned, have to find refuge somewhere else.

So let us think of other and maybe more real solutions. How about to educate the youth to develop the sensitivity for Wilderness and nature of the future generation? Or what about reducing our own impact on the environment with reducing plastic, consumption and I am sure we all have many other great ideas to save our all Wilderness and nature. And if it is not for our own lifes, it is for the lifes of our children and grandchildren.

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